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In case you haven’t heard the term before, a microaggression is a gesture, comment, or opinion directed at a minority person that isn’t meant to be offensive or harmful, but can have profoundly negative consequences because the language is steeped in phobic history.

When a white person tells their black…

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Episode 4.1: For All Debts Public And Private

Carmela starts to worry about what will happen to their family if Tony is to ever die unexpectedly, leading the patriarchal Soprano to start looking into stocks, investments, and hiding money in the bird feed outside of their home. It feels really shallow that Carmela is once again more concerned…

I decided to jump back into my indie game backlog on my Switch this past week and had a difficult time choosing which title to start up and play around with. These small gems have so much more creative freedom than the AAA bad boys which are saddled with big…

Image: HBO

Episode 3.1: Mr. Ruggerio’s Neighborhood

The third season opener is one of the more artistic and experimental episodes in the show so far, playing around with montage sequences and music choice as the FBI gets creative trying to wiretap the Soprano household while they are away during the day.

The plot events are frivolous, giving…

Shawn Laib

University of Washington Class of 2020 in English Literature and fan of video games and basketball. Twitter: @LaibShawn

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