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I recently wrote about the enormous amount of privileges that straight people benefit from on a daily basis and forgot the most glaring one that I envy as a gay man: the ability to find a potential mate. When you’re straight, you get to pick from as many fish in the sea as you desire (as long as you are presentable and humane and not predatory, obviously). You hardly ever have to worry about being told no because the person you’re flirting with is a different sexual orientation; you’ll get told no on the merits of your personality, looks, etc.

Language is an important tool that can invalidate relationships.

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In case you haven’t heard the term before, a microaggression is a gesture, comment, or opinion directed at a minority person that isn’t meant to be offensive or harmful, but can have profoundly negative consequences because the language is steeped in phobic history.

When a white person tells their black neighbor that they are becoming great friends and they “don’t even see them as black”, this is a microaggression. Colorblindness is an ignorant white person’s attempt at acceptance, but it’s actually a veiled slight that indicates the white person wishes to see everyone in their social circle as white. …

Analyzing the final season of HBO’s legendary drama series.

Episode 6.1: Members Only

This season opens with a year-long time jump forward. Carmela is still having her new house built, A.J. has rock-star hair, and Tony has found a new eatery to obsess over; Gandolfini’s breathing is now audibly heavy, a reminder of the icon’s heartbreaking death just a few years after the show ended.

Small associate Gene is now trapped between trying to move up the ladder and serving the FBI as an informant in the same way Adriana was compromised. …

Heterosexual people overlook how easy it is for them to love.

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There is no exact definition of straight privilege. Merriam-Webster doesn’t even have one in their dictionary when one goes for a simple keyword search of the topic on their website. That’s pretty fitting because the majority of society is heterosexual, therefor they can’t see the privilege they live with so unappreciatively on a daily basis.

It’s about time straight folks take a look at several of the typical touchstones of the human lifespan and how their sexuality makes those events and experiences smooth and simple. For those of us who aren’t straight, we aren’t afforded those privileges.


Raise your hand…

Coming out to yourself is the biggest step towards acceptance

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The following excerpt from a Medical News Today article sums up internalized homophobia keenly:

Internalized homophobia occurs when a person is subject to society’s negative perceptions, intolerance, and stigma toward people with same-sex attraction. They then turn those ideas inward, believing that they are true, and experience self-hatred as a result of being a socially stigmatized person.

If you hear bad things long enough about a specific sector of society, you are going to agree with them long after you become aware that you are included in the hatred. The only way to describe this phenomenon is if you have…

An episodic analysis of the fifth season of the legendary drama series.

Episode 5.1: Two Tonys

With Tony fresh off of his separation from Carmela he decides that he is finally going to make his move on Dr. Melfi and ask her out on a date. The two clearly view each other as more than just patient and mental health professional, but Melfi is in a little bit of denial and confusion over her mixed feelings for the lovable mob boss.

The episode ends with a dig at Carmela when Melfi says the reason she couldn’t date Tony is because she couldn’t sit by idly and watch him commit crimes on a daily basis, something that…

Analyzing the fourth season of the legendary drama series.

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Episode 4.1: For All Debts Public And Private

Carmela starts to worry about what will happen to their family if Tony is to ever die unexpectedly, leading the patriarchal Soprano to start looking into stocks, investments, and hiding money in the bird feed outside of their home. It feels really shallow that Carmela is once again more concerned about finances than whether she should actually care about Tony as a person beyond what he can provide in money for her. She also seems to be excited to see Furio when he is supposed to come over to drive Tony to work.

Uncle Junior prepares to go on trial…

Gaming has been elevated as a medium thanks to indie gems like Gabe Cuzzillo’s unique take on top-down shooters

I decided to jump back into my indie game backlog on my Switch this past week and had a difficult time choosing which title to start up and play around with. These small gems have so much more creative freedom than the AAA bad boys which are saddled with big business restrictions and the pressures of rabid fandoms. Not to mention you get to feel good about putting your money behind artists who have a semblance of morals.

Analyzing the third season of the legendary drama series.

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Episode 3.1: Mr. Ruggerio’s Neighborhood

The third season opener is one of the more artistic and experimental episodes in the show so far, playing around with montage sequences and music choice as the FBI gets creative trying to wiretap the Soprano household while they are away during the day.

The plot events are frivolous, giving way to more of the mundane things that these characters do on a daily basis. One of the funnier scenes includes the basement getting flooded from a hot water tank, something the feds knew was going to happen from pictures that were taken of the dilapidated heater.

We get a…

Analyzing the second season of the legendary drama series.

Episode 2.1: Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist’s Office

The season 2 premiere is notable for introducing Tony’s older sister, Janice, a loud-mouthed and equally opinionated female variant of Tony. She doesn’t think it’s right that her brother has disowned Livia, who is recovering from a stroke in the hospital and has nobody to look after her anymore. Not wanting to spill mob business to her, Tony instead settles on being angry that Janice can’t just agree with his choices and trust why he’s doing them.

Christopher continues to act like a punk, hitting Adriana inside of a bar and letting violence run amok inside his new mob front…

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